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Dear Guardians,
The necessity of education and good guidance to the nation builders has always been advocated. The child is the father of the nation is inducing dialogue which teaches us to train our young generation in a guided tone. High school is the age of teenagers and in this period the mind of this age group is poisoned through various means of cheap magazines and films. No doubt proper guidance, control, and as well as the development of constructive thought are necessary among students. Moreover, this is the day of the competition. Scientific development is in its rampant growth. To beat the world and to impose one’s identity in a fast-growing world only proper and the best teaching and guidance is necessary.

This institution the only institution, which has tried its best for quality production.

The honest labor of teachers and the faith of guardians in school is necessary for a better result, what more is the hard and sincere labor of students is needed for the bright future of any institution. I hope that constructive help will surely be given from your side.

The only desire and craving are that every moment of my life spend on the career building of my students, whom I love hearty so that they be able to face all types of competitions in life.

Saraswati Kid Academy

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